Casa Santiago Viña Requingua

2.990 kr.


Vina Requingua, Casa Santiago, Merlot, Chile 2021

Wine facts

Style Light – medium bodied. Lots of fruit. Good with or without food.
Grape 100% Merlot.
Country Chile
Alcohol 13%.
Food Superb companion to pasta, cured meats and roast pork.
Vegan Vegan Friendly.

Ekki til á lager

Vörunúmer: 10004 Flokkur:


Appearance: Deep red color with violet highlights. Nose: Intense nose of blackberry and dry leaves with a spicy touch. In mouth: Smooth mouth entry; medium bodied, very well-balanced.

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Warm temperate climate with a Mediterranean rainfall regime and a wide range between daytime and nighttime temperatures, resulting from the proximity of the Pacific Ocean (80 kilometers) and the Andes mountains (50 kilometers).
parcels in the Requingua estate’s northern sector are characterized by deep, loam-clay soil.
Maceration: Short maceration period – 10 days. Extraction: Traditional pumping-over, and mixing with liquid nitrogen. Fermentation: Starts with active dry yeast (Bayanus) Temperature: 25-28 degrees Celsius. Aging: Wine conserved on its lees in stainless steel vats for two to three months before blending and bottling.