La Sirena Screw cap 2022

1.999 kr.

  • La Sirena Screw cap
    Year : 2022
    Title : La Sirena
    100% Viura
    Region : Navarre
    Country : Spain
    Colour : Blank
    Alcohol : 12.00%
    Ltr. : 0.75

6 á lager

Vörunúmer: 10012 Flokkar: ,


Light yellow color with green reflections. Citrus fruits, white blossom and mineral aromas on the nose. Fruity character. Fresh and very elegant on the palate. Fairly short but pleasant and tasty finale.

This light and tasty style is easy to drink on its own or with light, everyday meals. Ideal with mussels and other crustaceans and shellfish as well as salads.


The climate is of a dry continental type, with very hot summers of 39ºC and cold winters with temperatures dropping to -10ºC. Precipitation is scarce.


Sand and limestone.


The wine is fermented with selected yeast for 3 weeks at 15ºC. During the vinification process, the wine is protected with inert gas to prevent any oxidation of the aromas. Short maturation in stainless steel vats after which bottling.