Hárlitur.Hair Dye For Men

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Glamorize Pro Dye Creme Colour

Hair Dye For Men Shade 4 – Medium Brown


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Glamorize Pro Dye Creme Colour

    • Glamorize Pro Dye For Men
    • Box Contains: 1 Pair Of Plastic Gloves, 40ml Of Developer Milk And 40ml Of Colour Gel
    • Crème Colour Hair Dye
    • Shade 4 – Medium Brown
    • Easy To Use In 4 Easy Steps
    • Blends In Greys For A Natural Look.
    • Each Dye Comes With Colour Crème Gel, Developer And After Conditioner
    • Permanent, Long Lasting And Rich Colour


  • Comes Beautifully Packed