LED Flexi Flashlight

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Dekton Magnetic Telescopic LED Flexi Flashlight

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Ideal for working in and around engines or in dark spaces the Dekton Magnetic Telescopic LED Flexi Flashlight is a really versatile tool. With three bright LED lights, the flexible neck rotates around 360 degrees for brilliant all round vision. The handle is telescopic so you can use it at an optimum length for your working space and the magnetic head and base allow you to pick up parts quickly without using your hands. The knurled handle gives excellent grip, and the pocket clip allows you to clip it on your clothes when it’s not in use.

Features and Benefits

Ideal for dark working – Illuminates dark areas and rotates easily.

Telescopic handle – Allows you to use the flashlight at an ideal length for the job.

Magnetic – Pick up parts and keep them handy with magnetic head and base.


  • 3 bright LEDs
  • Telescopic to 560mm
  • Magnetic head and base
  • 360 degree rotation
  • Includes pocket clip