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Husky 12 Bottle Tabletop Wine Cooler HN6

Perfect and convenient size for those who have a smaller wine collection, looks great as a furniture with its black reflective mirror glass.


  • Slim design: A stylish wine fridge featuring a curved mirror effect door, this mini wine fridge is the ideal space filler in your kitchen, dining room or living room; designed to be freestanding only.
  • Thermoelectric powered: Provides a quieter unit, requires less electricity than compressor fridges and causes less vibration – your home would ideally have a fairly constant ambient temperature.
  • Temperature range: 8 – 18 °C – digitally controlled via a touch screen. It is great if you & your partner either love your reds or whites.
  • Interior light: Ensures you find what you are looking for, and the integral door lock keeps the contents safe from children.



Additional features and benefits:
• Curved mirror effect door
• Thermometer with electronic display (blue)
• 5 Chrome shelves
• Interior light
• Door opening: right

• Rated capacity: 12 bottles (750ml standard bottles)
• Annual energy consumption: 292.0kW/annum (based on standard test results for 24 hours)
Actual energy consumption will depend on how the appliance is used and where it is located
(This appliance is intended to be used at an ambient temperature between 18°C – 26°C)
• Climate Class: „ST“
(recommended ambient temperature between 16 °C to 38 °C)

• Dimensions:
Height: 64cm
Width: 25cm
Depth: 51cm
• Weight: 19.5kg